Change or no change?

I’m at the end of week 7 of p90x.  Because the SO skipped some days we ended up on the same schedule this week. I said at the beginning of this that I wouldn’t work out with him because we […]


see more dog and puppy pictures Riley likes to help me workout. He loves my super squooshy mat. He believes if I am reaching to the ground then I should be petting him. I have never fallen on him doing […]

Recovery blahs

I’m in week 4 of p90x. That is the first recovery week. There is no weight lifting this week. You do yoga, kenpo, core work, and stretching workouts. It is still an hour of working out a day. I can’t […]

X Me

I finished up week three of p90x last night. The first three weeks are all the same. Now I have a recovery week. No weights this week but lots of yoga, cardio, and a new workout called Core Synergistics which […]

Better than “Before”

Last week I mentioned that my pants were starting to fit a bit differently.  Yesterday I put on the same pants straight out of the dryer and they were officially big. That of course means I spent most of the […]

Side effects of p90x

I started week three today. This is another repeat week. So far I haven’t missed any workouts, even if I probably should have. I’ve been sick off and on for most of the time I’ve been doing this (I still […]

I can do it!

Remember back at the first week of p90x when I said that there were ab moves that I totally failed at doing? Well since then I’ve decided that when they do those moves that what they are saying to my […]

And Repeat

I survived the first week of p90x and I actually even liked it!  In fact, I think I’m obsessed. Because we are leaving right after I get off work today to go to my parents’, I got up early to […]

Day 6 – Kenpo

Yesterday was Kenpo day. This is a cardio kickboxing/martial arts workout. I was really stiff through my hamstrings and calves after the leg day so I was a little worried about the kicks but it was fine. This workout was […]

Yoga Day

I woke up this morning feeling fine. (Oh crap, I wrote that without thinking. The last time I discussed that band I got nasty emails from the lead singer. Freaky.) Anyway, my arms only hurt a little which I attribute […]

P90X – Day 3

By this morning the soreness in my chest and back was mostly gone but if I’m laying down I still can’t sit up without rolling over first. Today was shoulders, biceps, and triceps followed by AbRipperX again. Again I was […]

P90x DAY 2

By 7:45 last night it hurt to breathe. Not hurt exactly. It was more like there was a band around my lower ribs that restricted my breathing.  I had a rough night. My subconcious went batty. I’ve been listening to […]

P90X- Day 1

I did day one chest and back today. This video is mainly pushups and pullups. It shows you how to modify the pullups with either resistance bands or by using a chair to partly support your weight.  Today I did […]

There’s a surprise

The SO asked for a specific something for Christmas with the cavat that I couldn’t tell anyone what it was. Like that’s going to happen. I won’t tell anyone who knows him personal-like but telling the whole internet is obviously […]