I finished up week three of p90x last night. The first three weeks are all the same. Now I have a recovery week. No weights this week but lots of yoga, cardio, and a new workout called Core Synergistics which is scary to contemplate.

There is a move in last night’s workout called the X. It happens during the “break” times which consists of running in place, faking jumping rope, and jumping jacks. I do not think they know what this word “break” means.

To do the X you jump up in the air and spread out your arms and legs to make your body into an X. I tried it on my first time through the workout and either I didn’t jump high enough or I was too slow but I didn’t have my feet back under me when I came down and that was ugly. I wisely refrained from doing this again. Last night I decided to try it. I did it!  Then on every time I was able to do all ten reps!  No wiping out.

The SO is still doing well. He’s starting week three. He bought a new pair of pants and they are too small and he is convinced that makes him a horrible human even though all his other pants are getting too big. He has to wear a belt with them now. Obviously the new pants are not the size they are supposed to be and therefore should be ignored.