I’m at the end of week 7 of p90x.  Because the SO skipped some days we ended up on the same schedule this week. I said at the beginning of this that I wouldn’t work out with him because we are too competitive. But, it was fun. It is just for this week since I’m moving to the next recovery week in a few days.

I had to buy funeral clothes last week. I still haven’t lost any weight or any dress sizes but my body feels tighter. I saw a dress I liked but it was knit. Knit is clingy in all the wrong areas. I decided to try it on.  It worked. There were no extraneous lumps. A miracle.

I decided to take some more pictures today. I continue to take the most unflattering pictures ever. It must be the angle of the camera.  It makes my stomach look bigger than my chest which is Not True. I have the pictures in a slideshow from beginning tonow. They are totally interchangable. No visible difference in my body at all. That’s discouraging but I’ve decided that knit dresses don’t lie. The SO says my body is different too. Obviously am I just incompetent at self portraits.

I told my mother that I think that when I am at the end of three months of p90x that I will be in the shape they wanted me to be in before I was supposed to start p90x. I’ll have to do it again to see visible results.  I’m definitely tougher though.