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Recovery blahs

I’m in week 4 of p90x. That is the first recovery week. There is no weight lifting this week. You do yoga, kenpo, core work, and stretching workouts. It is still an hour of working out a day.

I can’t stand it. I love weight lifting. I miss it. You’d think I would like a chance to take it easy but it isn’t turning out that way. I feel like a slacker and it is hard to motivate myself to get through the workouts. I find myself really wanting to cheat for the first time.

I’ve gained the weight I lost back which I don’t totally understand since my food habits aren’t different than last week.

In two days I start week five which is the beginning of phase two. The weight workouts are new. I think in this phase I need to really get a handle on my diet.

In other self-improvement news I’ve finished my first set of 22 lectures for the acupuncture course. I’m going to start reviewing key ones now. It is frustrating because I have enough knowledge now to identify good patients for acupuncture and to be able to name a few major points to use in each patient. That is totally unhelpful when I don’t know where those points are or know how to put needles in a patient. I go for my first hands on training in March. 

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  • Mari (Bookworm with a View)

    Great job with the working out, it’s hard to stay focused (especially at home) and you are doing it! Don’t worry about your weight, the other day I weighted myself at night and was horrified at the number on the scale… the next morning I weighed myself and was 5 pounds lighter (back to my normal weight). My point… you can’t control your body, sometimes it retains…

    I had a terrible workout week last week which isn’t good since I need to dress for summer in a few weeks!

    Are you enjoying the accupuncture classes? I have a pinched nerve/knot in my upper back (since the ultra) and need to find someone to help me. It’s been weeks but I thought it was a knot at first and only aggrevated the situation with electric current (tens unit).

    Keep up the good work!
    .-= Mari (Bookworm with a View)´s last blog ..Weekly Recap- January 21 =-.

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