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Storm Front by Jim Butcher – This is book one of the Dresden Files. I listened to this one on audio since I couldn’t find it in print at any library and it was read by James Marsters who played Spike on Buffy so it made me extra happy. I enjoyed this book a lot and I think hearing it instead of reading it helped. I’m currently listening to book two.

The Lion by Nelson DeMille – This is a sequel to a previous novel that I know I’ve read but I don’t remember the details. That hasn’t gotten in the way of enjoying this book. An assassin nicknamed the Lion was in the US in 1999 to kill some pilots who bombed his home in an air raid when he was a child. He was eventually stopped but not captured. Now he is back to finish the job and take out the FBI and NYPD people who worked against him.

It doesn’t sound like it but this book is actually pretty funny. The dialogue is sarcastic and smart. It is action packed and violent as the Lion moves around NYC eliminating friends and enemies alike.

Stolen by Kelley Armstrong- This is book two of the Underworld Series. Elena is a werewolf. She investigates threats against her Pack. She is contacted by women claiming to be witches. They represent a council of supernatural beings. Their members are being hunted. The Pack doesn’t want to be involved until Elena is kidnapped.

I liked this book better than the first one. There was much more action and adding in other races kept things interesting.

Inside The Kingdom: My Life In Saudi Arabia by Carmen Bin Ladin- The author was raised by Swiss and Persian parents. She married into the Bin Laden family in the 1970s. After several years in the U.S. attending school, she and her husband moved to Saudi Arabia. She chafed under the restrictions placed on women. When her daughters were born and her husband started acting irrationally, she decided that she needed to get out.

My Dream of Stars: From Daughter of Iran to Space Pioneer by Anouseh Ansari with Homer Hickam- Ever since she was a young girl in Iran Anouseh dreamed of visiting the stars. Her family left Iran when she was a teenager and settled in the U.S. Eventually she married and started a very successful company. After selling her business she was approached to help fund the X Prize, an award for private companies designing space vehicles. This led to the opportunity to train in Russia to visit the International Space Station.

She spent a week in space in 2006. She was the first Muslim woman in space.

Where Am I Reading places added – Illinois, NY, Maine, Saudi Arabia, Russia (because the Space Station is off the map)