I survived the first week of p90x and I actually even liked it!  In fact, I think I’m obsessed. Because we are leaving right after I get off work today to go to my parents’, I got up early to do pylometrics. That is staggering. I don’t get up early for anything, especially to work out. But I was doing the jump training routine at 6:00 AM. Nuts.

The next two weeks are repeats of the first week. Yesterday I did the chest and back routine at the gym in order to use the pull up machine. It offsets your weight so you can lift just a fraction of your body weight. I was only lifting about 45 lbs but it was more work than using the resistance bands last week. I was wiped out by the end of the workout. I could feel my back muscles last night. Everyone one of them had something to say. But I don’t feel bad this morning. Last week after that workout I could hardly move. That’s either improvement or I need to work even harder.