The Future is Coming

I watch a lot of science fiction movies. When a drug rep urged me to sign up for his company’s VIP program at a conference I’m attending, I looked at the website to be polite. This is exactly like something […]

The Inside of my Brain

Actual work conversation today The assistant came to get me in the office to tell me about a dog with a skin problem on his abdomen. She ended with “…. and the girlfriend thinks he got attacked by spiders.” Me: […]

It’s My Party

Today is my last day at my old job.  Officially I was supposed to work from 2 to 6.  I had a massage and sewing day in the morning. At my massage I found out that Prize went to a […]

The Crazies Are Out

Appointment one – Dog came in and immediately pooped on the floor.  We took him back and when I touched him he pooped and peed.  Managed to get his injection in him with more poop coming out.  Then she wanted […]


People piss me off.  I’ve been getting irritated by people bringing in old dogs for euthanasia who have severe arthritis to the point that they can’t walk.  At that point I really can’t help them but a year ago I […]

The Job Situation

I realized I haven’t written about my job situation.  This is what has really stressed me about this move.  The problem is this: I hate surgery. Specifically I hate dog spays.  They stress me more than anything else on Earth.  […]

A Tale of Two Texts

The man I work for likes to leave notes around the office about offenses real and imagined. They range from funny to really nasty. Because of a scheduling change we won’t be working at the same office anymore. I mentioned […]

In case I was looking for more validation that it was time to move on with my life after the last post, I went to work. It is my day off. But, one of the doctors left this month and […]


Sometimes my weirdness even surprises me. This morning I saw a dog who was very big but she was a wimp. Her owner said that she used to be afraid of her dog bed. I asked the dog if there […]