Appointment one – Dog came in and immediately pooped on the floor.  We took him back and when I touched him he pooped and peed.  Managed to get his injection in him with more poop coming out.  Then she wanted his toe nails trimmed. I went looking for help.

A canine officer was in the waiting room with a young police dog.  He mocked me.  Started harassing me about not being able to wrestle a 40 lb dog.  “Can’t you just flatten him and sit on him?”  Should have made him help.
Three of us tried to restrain the dog.  More poop.  His blood pressure was up so he bled.  Then he got his muzzle off.  The first sign of this was the fact that he was attached to my forearm.

Afternoon appointment – 60ish white lady with curly grey hair and dripping layers of turquoise jewelry.  Always seemed normal to me. She comes in and says that she doesn’t like coming to this neighborhood anymore because this is where she got busted. 

She said that when the cops chased her she “ran up on a porch”.  I thought she meant “ran” but apparently “drove” would have been a better verb.  She had her dog with her and he went to jail too.  He had his own cell.  When her sister came to bail her out, she took the dog home first and left her in jail for a while.  (I would have too.) 

So, she’s going to jail sometime soon so opted out of scheduling a booster appointment for her cat’s vaccine.  Hard to argue with that reasoning.  She also said her doctor took her off her Xanax and says that “that drug was saving the lives of several people” who she neglected to kill while she was on Xanax. 

The SO keeps lecturing me about how now that we’ve moved to a big city I’m not supposed to assume I’m safe like I was in small town/rural areas like this clinic. Right.  He’s never met my clients.