People piss me off. 

I’ve been getting irritated by people bringing in old dogs for euthanasia who have severe arthritis to the point that they can’t walk.  At that point I really can’t help them but a year ago I could have.  Even if I didn’t extend their life I could have made their last months less painful.  I just want to slap people and then withhold health care from them when they are elderly because “It isn’t going to cure anything.”

But today was a new low.  A Labrador who was old but not ancient.  You could count and name every bone in her body.  She quit eating two months ago.  The owner was going on about everything she tried to do – mostly changing food.  I so badly wanted to say, “Did you consider medical attention at any point?”  But, I knew she hadn’t.  She just let the dog starve.  There may have been a tumor somewhere causing the rapid weight loss.  It might not have been fixable but if you didn’t even make an effort I don’t want to listen to you crying about how much you love your dog. You also don’t want to hear my real opinion when you say, “I just don’t want her to suffer.”