I’m listening to a book about the women of the Revolutionary War.  There was one story that I had to rewind and listen to again.

Rebecca Mott’s house was taken over by the British.  The Americans had it surrounded and they were at a standoff.  The American commander decided to set the house on fire to burn the British out.  He proposed shooting flaming arrows at the roof.  Mrs. Mott had taken refuge with the American army so he went to warn her about what was going to happen.  She approved of the plan and offered to help.  It turned out that she had a stash of special arrows that burst into flames when they hit their target.

What?! Who just has a stash of incendiary arrows?  What was she trying to do, barbeque her meat while she was hunting? 

All hail the Queen Mother of all Rednecks!

So, they use her arrows to light the roof on fire.  The British surrender in time for the Americans to be able to put out the fire and save the house.  Then everyone must have just been standing around looking at each other because she proceeded to make dinner for a mixed group of American and British officers.

She kept a souvenir of the episode.  She kept the container the flaming arrows came in – and used it as a knitting needle case for the rest of her life!

You go girl!  I want to be her when I grow up.