My whole workout routine has been blown to pieces by moving and then commuting part of the week and then especially by having the SO in the hospital.

I’m here instead of at work in hopes of springing him from the hospital today so I decided to try to get a little exercise in. One of the reasons we bought this house is the proximity to the trail system. Within a mile of our house there are 2 major paved bike trails and lots of unpaved trails. I hadn’t had a chance to get on any of them yet.

I drove to the parking lot. Yeah, drove. I once thought that I could walk the 0.7 miles to the trailhead to warm up and walk back to cool down. Then I realized how hard the car was working to get up the hill from the area of the trails to my house and thought better of that plan. I passed the first couple parking areas. The bike trail there is pretty exposed right now between the road and some houses. In summer when there are leaves it will be closed in. The parking area also had the start of a few real trails. I decided to do a 1.8 mile one.

I ran the first set of log steps set into the hill. Then the realized that the hill wasn’t stopping. I ended up walking most of this trail. I maybe ran about half a mile of fairly level areas. It was a harder workout than if I had ran two miles on a bike trail.


See where the trail appears to end? That’s because it drops off a cliff again.

Goals for this week:
Get my yoga area set up
Do yoga twice
Run twice