I’m trying to make my list of the 5 classic books that I’ve never read that I want to read. I read Brave New World by Huxley. I’m going to read Jane Eyre by Bronte. Jane Eyre is the book that started this list for me. I read The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde and the rest of that series without knowing the story of Jane Eyre. It made the book much more suspenseful since I honestly didn’t know if Jane was going to change her plot or not since I didn’t know what the “real” story was. (If that makes no sense whatsoever I recommend The Eyre Affair highly!)

But I can’t decide what else to read. I’ve thought about Shakespeare but I’ve read many of the plays so that seems like repeating myself. I thought of Dickens but I’ve never liked anything I’ve read of his.

I thought about picking books from 5 different centuries. 20th Brave New World and 19th Jane Eyre. It gets harder when you get older though. Frankenstein, Vindication of the Rights of Women, Don Quixote, etc?

I was wondering what you would pick if you had to make your own list. I may have read your books or you may have read mine. But the more I think about this list the more interested I am in going back and reading the books that have held up for many years.

If you get stuck here’s a couple of all time great lists from Guardian Unlimited and Blue Pyramid.