Watch compass

I have a feeling that I should have learned this somewhere along the way but I didn’t. Did you know that you can use an analog watch as a compass? In the northern hemisphere just point the hour hand at the sun. Then imagine a line halfway between the hour hand and the 12. It points to the north. I’ve been trying this randomly for the last few days and it works. For a full explanation check out this site. While you are there look at the rest of the site for explanations of how to pack for extended trips using only one bag. Very cool!


  • Tom

    For Rod, the question of Daylight Savings adjustment, use 1:00 (instead of 12:00) during the months from APRIL to OCTOBER because SUN local apparent noon is an hour later on your watch.

  • Rod

    This works well. However, explain how you adjust for “daylight savings time”. Is north to the right or left of the imaginary line during “daylight savings time”?

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