10 5 Facts About Me

1.  I’m trying to teach myself to play the lap harp.

Not a harp like this:

This is my lap harp.


You are supposed to just play simple stuff on them but I’m trying to actually learn to play cool stuff like this guy.

2. I get confused when people refer to me as a redhead.

My natural color is light brown.  Actually, my natural color is probably mostly grey by now.  I’ve been coloring my hair red because I’m a pale person and red warms my color up some.  There are people who have only ever known my hair red.  Sometimes they say things about me being a typical redhead and I get so confused.  I guess they don’t realize it comes from a bottle.

3.  I don’t know how to turn on the radio in my car.

I got a new car relatively recently.  My ipod plugs into it.  I only listen to audiobooks and songs on my ipod.  I have no idea how to make the actual radio go.

4.  I don’t read or watch westerns.

I think it comes from being around horses all my life.  I get highly critical of the way people ride or take care of the horses.  I can’t watch people jerk horses’ mouths around on screen.

Don’t be dragging that blanket in the dirt! Who’s going to clean that?

5. I’ve been to 15 countries.

Canada, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Peru, England, Wales, Iceland (just the airport 4 times), France, Germany, Luxembourg, Lichtenstein, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, and Monaco.

Even though I’ve been to more countries in Europe, I’ve spent the most total time in Central and South America.


6 Replies to “Five Facts About Me”

  1. Your reason for not reading/watching western is interesting and makes sense. I definitely hate reading about the misuse/abuse of animals but it hasn’t stopped me from loved fiction set on the American Frontier. It did however stop me from watching more than the first episode of The Walking Dead in which a horse is mobbed and eaten by zombies and I was done. Not sure I can explain my double standard.

  2. Fun post! I dye my hair red, too, but I don’t think it is darker enough to really tell so don’t get the red head comments… My hair is dark to start with, but I am curious if people ever do write things off by my hair colour and just don’t tell me. lol

  3. The lap harp — that’s awesome! I have fond memories of playing the autoharp (a cousin?) in music class. Of course, we used a rubber door stop to strum, which probably isn’t considered best practice. : )

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