Platform 9 3/4

When I was in London I had to go to King’s Cross and get a picture at Platform 9 3/4 even though my mother did not understand at all.



Anywhere you go in England could count as a literary place because there is probably a book set there but we went to Bath specifically because of Regency romances.  I wanted to cause a scandal in London so we had to flee to Bath to let society settle down but we didn’t manage that.  We did manage to have tea at the Pump Room, to visit the Jane Austin museum, to see the Assembly Rooms, and to see the famous architecture.


The books Carousel Sun and Carousel Tides had me running around Ohio looking at carousel sites.

Hemingway’s House

I’ll admit that I’ve never read any Hemingway.  Way too much macho posturing for me but the husband is a fan.  We stopped at his house in Key West.  I just went to see the cats that hang out and get petted by tourists.

John Brown’s House

After I read The Mapmaker’s Children, I decided to go see John Brown’s house in Akron.  I don’t have any pictures because they don’t allow them.  It is a guided tour only.  He lived in Akron until he got run out of town and moved to New York, where the events in The Mapmaker’s Children take place.