I was on vacation last week and so there were no formal workouts but I had to pop in to show off these numbers.


January 15 – airport day – 6569 steps – not so good

January 16 – convention starts but no exhibit hall – 8093

January 17 – exhibit hall opens at convention – 12,770

January 18 – more exhibits – 10,727

January 19 – the whole convention thing is getting old -9741

January 20 – Animal Kingdom – 16,905

January 21 – Universal (Harry Potter world!) – 21,771

January 22 – lazy day visiting relatives – 5755

Now I’m back to normal life and probably won’t see those numbers for a while.


I’ve also realized that the floors climbed setting on my Fitbit is completely imaginary.  There was a big escalator at the convention place.  It was three floors long.  One day it was not working and I walked up it with lots of other people.  People were acting like it was a death march because with the crowd you couldn’t stop without getting run over.  There is no break between floors on an escalator.  Fitbit floors climbed reading – zero.  I turned off that setting.