From the 101 Things in 1001 Days list (see sidebar):

50. Take a trip with my frequent flyer miles

I just booked my trip to San Antonio Texas. The husband has two business meetings in TX in the same week. He has a few days off in San Antonio between them so I’m going to fly down and meet him.

I had almost 60,000 miles because my phone bill used to earn me miles. Round trip in the U.S. should cost 25, 000 but yesterday I could only get a flight out for 50,000. Buying the ticket was quite expensive so we decided I should squander all my miles on one flight instead of two. When I logged on today to get my ticket there was one listed for 25, 000! It isn’t a terribly convenient flight. It heads to NJ first and then has long layovers but I still have enough for another ticket someday.