I am a creature of habit. I get up in the morning, feed the inside critters, grab some breakfast, and head to the computer. My world has been shaken this weekend by a remodel in the computer room. My computer was a tangled mess of cords. I was able to get to the husband’s but it would crash on me every few minutes. I think it is because I refer to it as the “infernal machine” because it has the misfortune of not being born a Mac.

This morning I couldn’t stand it. I rigged up my computer so I’m working on it now. It was like coming home. After all this the room isn’t really going to be all that different. Some cracks caused by the house settling (and I maintain shoddy construction in the first place) were being fixed and the room repainted pretty much the same burgandy color. We have a two sided, never hooked up fireplace in the wall between our desks. We are going to run shelves between the wall and the fireplace and then make built in desks. I’m going to move my desk downstairs to use as an altar and pagan-stuff storage space until that distant day when we finally finish my side of the basement.

If it wasn’t bad enough that they took my computer away, when it was time to refinish baseboards they headed to my side of the basement. So, no computer, no crafts. No watching TV in the other side of the basement because the sanders were too loud. But before I was banished from sewing I managed to finish my first row by row round robin contribution.

Bow Ties

It is a simple bow tie block. I love bow ties. When I make them I usually use a 3D technique but this person specified another pattern. I think there is another bow tie quilt coming to me in this group. Other round robins I’ve been in have been very free. Just suggest a theme and let people do their own thing. This one has people specifying exact patterns. I hope they aren’t overwhelmed by my shoe quilt.