I’ve always said that acupuncture was going to be my point of no return. Studying chinese medicine would be the point when I give in completely to my quack side. It is happening already and I’ve barely started studying.

I was reading about tongue diagnosis. Chinese medicine says that a crack in your tongue is a sign of a chi deficiency. I have a crack down the center of my tongue that is half the depth of my tongue. It says that if you have indentations from your teeth on the sides of your tongue that is a sign of a spleen/pancreas imbalance. I have that too. Also if you get white spots on your tongue at a certain point it is a sign of spleen/pancreas problems. I have that too. I brush my teeth and scrape it off and it will be back in the same spot the next day. 

In non-Chinese terms I’m feeling run down, gaining weight in spite of working out, and getting colds. I’ve been eating like crap. It is time to make some changes.

Here is my plan for the next week:

1.  No fast food breakfasts.
2.  Eat real food instead of relying on processed food no matter how much I love it.
3.  Try out some raw vegan recipes.
4.  Make some green smoothies which I love but I haven’t made lately.
5.  Add spurulina to my diet

First step, grocery shopping tonight.

I figured a week was a good start since it isn’t like a huge commitment. Then I realized that we leave for Portugal a week from tomorrow. I should start thinging more about that. It has almost totally slipped my mind since it is something happening in the future. It is in November. That’s a long time away, right?  Guess not. 

I’ve been incorporating more nutritional advice into my practice. I recommend that my allergy dogs move to an all natural meat based diet. If they aren’t willing to do that I recommend higher quality dog food than they are now on. I’ve had a few owners do this and they are happy with the results. The dogs may not be allergy free but they are taking less medication.  I’m using probiotics on unexplainable diarrheas with some good results. A woman yesterday declared it to be a” wonder drug!” If I do all this talking about you are what you eat at work maybe it is time for me to start to follow it at home.