I went to the grocery store last night to stock up on produce and they didn’t have any spinach. I’ve only ever used spinach in my smoothies so right off I’m being pushed out of my comfort zone. I grabbed some kale.

I tried one recipe last night from the raw food site.   It is called South of the Border soup.  I’ll post how I made it instead of the real recipe. My tomatoes are all frozen and I didn’t want to take the time to defrost.

1 can diced tomatoes (which is not raw)
2 carrots
3 stalks of celery
1 teaspoon of taco seasoning
1 handful of cilantro

I mixed it all up in the food processor. It was edible but not really appetizing. In retrospect, I think if I had gotten it to a smoother consistency I would have liked it better. My blender is too wimpy to do that so maybe I need to let the food processor run for a bit longer.

I was also planning on making my favorite bean dip which is black beans and salsa food processed together. I used the soup in place of the salsa. I ate it with baby carrots and cucumber slices.

Then I had a natural food fail when I finished off the golden oreos. It is best to get them out of the house, right?  I wasn’t hungry but they were taunting me.

I took a picture of my tongue for a before and after in case I end up upping my chi eventually. I’m not posting it because it is impossible to take an attractive picture of yourself with your tongue stuck as far out as possible.  You’re welcome.

This morning started with a banana, apple, and kale smoothie. Again, the food processor can’t get it smoothie-smooth so I added some almond milk. It was tasty. I was worried that the kale would be stronger tasting than spinach but it isn’t.

I also started my Restore the Middle Way herbal supplement. I love Chinese herb names. This is a chi tonic and is supposed to balance the spleen/pancreas. The pills are so cute. I have a hard time taking capsules and big pills. These are teeny tiny. You take eight three times a day. That seems like a lot but because of the small size each dose is about equivalent to the size of the one spirulina capsule.  One thousand of the herb pills fit into a bottle the size of most vitamin bottles.

I’m waiting to see how long the smoothie keeps me full. I have an apple to snack on if I get hungry. Lunch will be a veggie pizza from a restaurant nearby because I’m at work. It is on a very thin crust with light sauce, little cheese, but so loaded with veggies that the slices bend under the weight of them. I get the seven inch personal pizza. I usually eat Mexican when I’m at this office but it makes me feel bad all afternoon. It sits like a lump in my stomach. It is quite yummy though which is the reason for the challenge. Pick yummy food that also makes you feel good.