My morning started off with a 4 mile pack walk with Freckles. It was on the trail by my house. It was a herd of brindle boxer and mastiff-y dogs plus Freckles, a beagle, and a springer. Since Freckles is mostly springer and beagle this seemed appropriate. Guess who led – the 10 year old beagle and the 11 year old (and seriously goofy-legged) springer. Those two set a blistering pace. Freckles stayed right with them the whole way. None of the three of them were even tired at the end. Freckles came home and ran a few laps around the living room.

Today was opening day for our neighbor.


Our whole area was once part of the 3000 acre estate of the guy who started Goodyear. Now the grounds are down to 70 acres of house and gardens that is open to the public. We purchased a family membership so we can go visit whenever and Freckles is even invited to stroll the grounds on Sundays.

The house is fairly recently built – 1920s. But it fully appointed for a life that necessitates servants.

The grounds are nice.


This is part of a 550 ft. birch allee -because we all have that outside our side porch around here.