This is one of my longest term UFOs. There isn’t anything difficult about it. I just would do one thing on it and then put it away and not work on it again for a year or so. I have no idea when I started this. I’m not even sure where I was living at the time.

It is a t shirt quilt. The shirts are ones I bought in Costa Rica and Bolivia. I had to make the pattern up because none of the shirts were the same size. They are set between blocks of dragonfly fabric. The little blocks on the sides are the logos that were on the front of some of the shirts and the pictures were on the back. I added the hourglass blocks to make it long enough to cover me from toes to nose. It is tied and the backing is flannel for comfyness.

It has been being made for so long that it got really dirty. This was the first quilt I’ve ever washed. I was a nervous wreck. I’ve been making quilts for 10 years but I’ve only ever kept a few wall quilts that I don’t wash. The rest are all gifts or go to charity. This is the first that I’m keeping to actually cover up with. That’s seems odd after all this time I guess but the shirts are sentimental so this one isn’t going anywhere!

t shirt quilt

The pictures are from top left – toucan, sea turtle – middle- monkey – bottom – lizards, birds

The binding is done in iguana fabric that I bought years and years ago to be the borders of this quilt. Then it didn’t look right so I saved it for the binding and started using it for other things too. Then I didn’t have enough for the whole binding after all this time of saving it. It is now interspersed with hunter green.