I’m printing out my credit reports. Let me tell you, that’s a fun walk down memory lane.

I’m considering trading in my car but dealing with money stuff totally freaks me out. I went through a rough patch financially when I first got married so I automatically assume that I’m going to be denied for anything I apply for that requires a credit check. It was actually sort of enlightening to look at the credit stuff. It has some bad stuff on there that cause major adrenaline rushes but they are all minor. The biggest outstanding thing (that I didn’t even know about and will have to check on) is $305. There are also things on there that were big but were settled a few years ago. Balance that against constantly paying on time for a car, student loans, and a mortgage. Maybe I’m not as bad as I think I am.

(Full disclosure – I pay on time because I have automatic withdrawal for my student loan and my car loan people call me at work if I’m more than a little late. That’s just embarrassing. The husband pays the mortgage. Left to my own devices – let’s just say that’s where most of the bad things I’m reading about here come from.)