It is over and I’m not in jail. I guess we have to call that a success.

I don’t have much exciting to report at all. The evil mother-in-law was annoying. She had gotten more stuff since last year when the husband moved her in a Navigator so we had to make the 2 hour round trip between her old place and new place twice to move all her stuff in a pickup truck. The whole time she was denying that she bought anything. The new person she is living with is “so excited” to have her there. That made the husband and I giggle. I giggled because there is a cat in the new house. When she moved to our house she declared that my cats would be too stressful for her delicate little cat so they had to stay in my bedroom whenever they came inside. The new place also had candles all around. One of her first moves when she came to stay with us was to collect all my candles and dump them on my bed and declare I couldn’t have them because of her allergies. That just led to us burning them in her abscence. It was pretty sad that candle burning turned into our ultimate act of rebellion. Oh well, maybe she’s nicer to people who aren’t related to her. The husband is giving her 3 weeks until she annoys her new housemate so much that she gets kicked out.

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  1. That is too funny. My sister moved in with us – she was seperating from a 34 year marriage, never held a job, and drove us nuts. She stayed 9 months – a very long nine months. She did leave us with a great chocolate lab but it got pretty tense there for a while. Sue actually made the final call “She need to go!” She is now living with her boyfriend and we are encouraging a happy ever after for them.

  2. I doubt she’s ever heard of blogs. Anyway, that’s not bad. You should read the things I wrote about her when she was living here…

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