The first clients saw this afternoon were familiar to me. In February 2004 I had seen their cat when they brought him in to be euthanized due to kidney failure. However, they didn’t want me to kill their cat. They wanted the practice owner to kill their cat. The practice owner wasn’t in that day. So basically they wanted me to make their cat live long enough for them to be able to wait until the practice owner came back to kill him. But, I did better than that. I gave him a bunch of fluids and he’s been doing fine.

So now I see him and they are telling me that the doctor wanted to kill him last year but “one of the ladies” gave him fluids and he’s doing fine. I explained that that was me. To which they replied, “Maybe you should be a doctor!”

Uh, thanks. I do wear a name tag with the word “Dr.” prominently displayed. They then became enthusiastic about the plan and turned into little career counselors. They extoled the benefits of becoming a doctor. Apparently, I wouldn’t have to work in exam rooms anymore (?) and I could live in the ritzy town that the practice owner lives in. They were so into it that I didn’t quite have the heart to disappoint them by explaining that I already am a doctor.

I went back and told the practice owner the whole story. He found it hysterical. He recommended that I grow a mustache to look more mature. I wonder if not shaving my legs would have the same effect….