I posted in December about trying to choose Baby Daddies for Prize. Baby Daddy #1’s people sent me a DVD. He is lame. I was crushed. Yesterday I went to visit Baby Daddy #2. I really wanted to see him move since I didn’t want a repeat of #1. But the weather was bad and his owner just had arm surgery so we couldn’t get him out.

He was very polite though. I went into his stall with him and petted him. He has been cooped up lately and he wanted out of his stall. I was standing between him and the open door. He would step towards the door, I’d say no softly, and then he’d step back and pin his ears at me to make sure I understood that he was mad. But he wouldn’t get mean or even get more forceful. He’d step back and wait a bit and try again. I was a total stranger thwarting the desires of a breeding stallion and the worst he’d do was lay his ears back and give me a dirty look. I get worse than that from Spirit every morning.

I still wasn’t 100% sure about him. Not seeing him trot was a big negative for me. But at this point if I’m going to breed her at all this year it is going to be to him since I have no one else lined up. I’m also most likely getting a discounted breeding to him through a charity auction. So I went home and googled him. I’m not sure why I didn’t do that before. I guess because I had the website of where he lives but this time I was looking for pictures of his offspring. He’s an older stallion but has only been breeding for a few years. The oldest babies are two this year.

There is no such thing as an ugly baby horse but his babies are seriously cute. I went totally to mush and bid on him in the auction.

Later I was talking to the husband and he said, “You are going to breed her artificially, right?” I said that since he was local I’d just take her over there. Oh my. I’d like to apologize in advance to any female children we adopt. Your father is not going to handle your teenage years well. The idea of his baby girl horse being violated in such a way upset him. He’s going to have to take a few days to let the shock of it wear off.