I’m going on vacation tomorrow. I should start repeating that to myself at least once an hour so I start to do something about it. It isn’t exactly real in my brain so I haven’t done things like laundry or even planned what laundry might need to be done.

I’m going to San Antonio. I know that we are going to go to the missions and to some caves. I’ve printed out a bunch of letterboxing directions for the missions. I know there is a first Friday celbration this weekend. That’s it. That’s the whole plan. We are just going to wing it from there. The husband has been there before so he should know some cool stuff to do.

The best part of this vacation is that I hear he has laryngitis. I’m hoping he doesn’t recover before I get there. If he can’t talk this might be the best vacation ever! The man never, ever shuts up. He talks in his sleep even. Unfortunately he’s still attempting to talk to me on the phone with no voice so even experiencing laryngitis he still isn’t quiet. But a girl can dream….

This could also be a good vacation since we are arriving separately. We don’t travel well together. We tend to get on each other’s nerves while coping with the tedium of flying. So by the time we get to our destination we are sick of each other. This time he’s already there and I’ll fly in for a vacation and then I’ll leave and he’ll come back a day later. Perfect!