I got back from Montreal late Saturday night after Z was in bed. The next morning she was full of questions about where I had been. Turns out that I was in a bit of trouble with her for being out of town “because you’re part of my family now” and therefore it is my job to be home when she is there. I was a bit surprised to hear that from the same kid who has repeatedly told me that I’m stupid and need to leave. I’ve worn her down!

She did have a mini-fit that morning. It was sort of cute since it was such a shadow of what used to be normal for her pre-medication. I was upstairs and I heard, “NO!! Stop! I hate that song!” Then she came running upstairs and threw herself against the bed dramatically. Her father was playing music she hated on YouTube. Since I’ve also retreated upstairs in the face of his musical tastes I sympathized with her feelings if not the method of expression. I asked her what song she wanted to hear. She hiccuped out, “Old McDonald.” So I told her that she should go downstairs and sing five verses at the top of her lungs. She giggled and agreed. Her volume was good but it turns out that she doesn’t really know the words except for Old McDonald had a farm EIEIO. Then she came running upstairs again to report that he didn’t seem to notice. Oh, well, it was a good revenge plan even if the execution was a bit weak.

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  1. Good to read you and Z are getting along better.

    My SO’s daughter is a special needs child and is doing her damnest to split us up. She has gone as far as saying so. This past week has been very hard on me and I almost walked out but I didn’t. She is on many meds and has been for over 13 years, just can not find the correct ones to keep her calm.

    I will keep you all in my prayer that life stays calm for everyone.

  2. Great news about Tay! There were big questions here too about what behavior could be controlled if she wanted to and what couldn’t. She was diagnosed b1polar and is on abilify. I’m not sure of the dosage since I don’t handle the meds.

  3. YEAH for meds!!! May I ask what meds Z has been placed on and about the diagnosis??? Just curious, as we finally got a diagnosis for Tay last week, it’s ADD as suspected. We started her on 5mg of Adderall and L-tyrosine (the amino acid that prompts proper levels of the neuro-chemical that is low in ADD folks) on Friday and have already seen a dramatic difference in how she handles a great many of the things that formerly caused BIG fights & tantrums. Now, we’re at the stage of trying to decide of the tantrums she IS throwing are because she wants to, or if she just can’t help it. But, at least half of the time, she’s controling herself much better. YEAH!!! I’m THRILLED!!!

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