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Today’s quilting

First off today I worked on my Friday Block Party square for the week.


You’d think that’d be simple but I was math impaired today and never could make exactly the right number of units for any section of the block.

Then I had some extra time and pulled out a project that I just work on now and then. It is the scrappy mini trips around the world. I started laying out the finished blocks and was horrified. It looked like a mess on the living room floor. You couldn’t see the diagonals well at all. I looked at it through the viewfinder and it was much better.


This picture makes it look so much better than it is. This may end up a donation quilt and I’ll just keep the photo that makes it look presentable!


  • Kati

    I think the quilt looks lovely!!! That’s the great thing about those scrappy quilts, they don’t look TOO planned. Sometimes scrappy is really pretty fun. I like it. I think it’ll be great once it’s all together.

  • Janet Brady

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I’m adding yours to my reading list so I can keep up with your cast of characters which I loved reading about. My cast of characters includes 2 dachshunds, 6 other horses and a bevy of barn cats. I am continually amazed at all the things I find I have in common with many of the quilters that I visit on their blogs. I’ll look forward to visiting your blog regularly.

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