I’m at the end of week 6 of the 12 week Body for Life Challenge.

Weight loss – none

Pant size – down one size depending on the pants

Personally I’m amazed that I’m still doing it. My track record of sticking to workouts is not good. I’ve done my workouts six days a week for six weeks. I’m definitely seeing an improvement in my strength. I’ve been keeping a record of what I’ve been lifting on each move and I’m lifting more. Yesterday I was doing leg extensions and had my hands on my thighs. I could really feel my quads with good definition. I just wish the fat was coming off to show off all the new tone I’m getting.

I’m holding out for week 8. The book kept talking about women not dropping a lot of fat until around week 8. I think they didn’t want us to get discouraged especially if we are doing this with a male person who drops weight fast.

I need to be better about the food side of the equation. Go back to the small frequent meals to help with weight loss. Overall I’m glad I’m doing this even if I’m not seeing huge results yet.