Prepare to be shocked.

I’ve actually done some sewing.

I’ve made a few hedgehog faces for my Christmas quilt.

My mother gave me a bunch of my grandmother’s fabric. I want to make a quilt for my mother with her mother’s fabric. The problem is that it is all horribly ugly and some kind of cotton blend that is really rough. I’m thinking that it make it work I need to cut it up into really small pieces. I’m playing around with some small 9 patches. These finish at 3 inches. I’m thinking of setting them with alternating white squares. I’m not sure if I like it enough it commit to it yet though.

I just received a big box with a rainbow of solid fabrics.

I never use solids because I think they are boring and flat but I have an idea for a quilt that would require them. That’s why I need to stock up. Now I just have to map out the quilt design. I’m hoping I have enough here to make two quilts – one for me and one to give away. This project is everything I don’t do.

  • Solids
  • Working with a strict design
  • Making multiples of a design
  • Making a quilt for me

I don’t know what’s come over me.

I’ve even sewn a little more on my hexy quilt.  Hand sewing still really hurts my hand so I only let myself do a little a few times a week.  Someone who lives in this house recently inquired about the likelihood of this quilt being done by the time we are 50.  It might happen.

That’s row 4 of 10 being attached.

6 Replies to “Actually Sewing”

  1. Oh cool! I learned to sew (using my hand) when I was in 4th or 5th grade I think. It was part of our Home Economics class. And my mom made quilts back then and my grandma has a sewing machine so I asked them to teach me how to use it. I’ve always wanted to make my own clothes!

  2. Hexies!!! And curious about the solids–I don’t use them either but they’re so popular now! Could you somehow vary one of the designs so the quilts are just a little different? I just finished two tops for the girls using the same fabric but altered the patterns to make them different.

    Love those hedgehogs!

  3. Interesting to see your comment about solids, because that’s exactly how I used to feel. I don’t know what caused me to try some, but now I love them and use them a lot. Cute hedgehogs!

  4. The hedgehog face is really cute, and I think the 9 patch blocks look nice! Plus, it’s a really sweet sentiment to use your grandmother’s fabric, and it’s the thought that counts.

  5. Bonnie Hunter says that if your fabric is ugly, you just haven’t cut it into small enough squares yet! You’re probably on the right track with the little 9 patch blocks. The one you shared looks nice. I love your hexie quilt too, and the solids are beautiful!

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