Every time I make big dietary changes I get convinced that I’m going to starve.

Spoiler alert – It hasn’t happened yet.

Since focusing on a gluten-free vegan diet, I’ve been feeling like a need to keep a supply of appropriate junk food close at hand.  It doesn’t make sense.  I never did that before.  But now I have to have gluten free pretzels in the car at all time.  Gluten free pretzels taste like regular pretzels that were burnt and have gone stale.  They are strangely addictive anyway.  I think I like to have something crunchy.

Earth Balance makes vegan white cheddar popcorn.  Not going to lie – the thought of never eating white cheddar popcorn again made me very sad and was the worst part of thinking about veganism.  I appreciate Earth Balance for trying but the problem with most fake cheese products is that they are made by people who don’t remember what cheese tastes like.  This is ok but tastes like garlic and not cheese.  Their cheese puffs are better.  Still not cheesy but they get delightfully stale like I like my puffs.

You would think that this embrace of junk food would be a bad thing.  Since I started this diet at the end of April, I’ve lost 11 lbs.  That weight I couldn’t seem to lose when I was trying and now it is melting off while I eat pretzels.  Life is not fair.

I haven’t even been working out all that much.  I haven’t been lifting at all.  My fitbit zip died after the trip to England.  I talked to customer support at Fitbit to try to fix it and they ended up sending me a new one so I’m back on track with that.

I need to get back in the swing of things and see how much weight I can lose if I am actually exercising and not eating my body weight in pretzels each week.