I’ve started studying my acupuncture lectures. This means that I am now able to spout off random acupuncture facts at any given time. My coworkers are getting used to it. They just nod at me.

The first few lectures were hard to get through. The first was an overview of the course which hurt my brain with the vast amount of knowledge I’m expected to have at the end of next summer. Among other things like theory and diagnosis we are expected to learn 166 canine points and 251 horse points. Brain says, “Ow!! ”

The second lecture was history of acupuncture. I like history but watching an online lecture of ‘5000 years ago this Chinese vet learned this and then 1000 years later this happened’ was not interesting.

After that it got cool. It started on all the scientific studies. They keep mentioning in passing that acupuncture is used for facelifts. If they teach me that point it will be worth the price of admission right there.

I have 22 lectures to watch. Actually they are numbered one to twenty but I noticed that I have a lecture 14 and 15 about dogs and another set about horses because I am stupid an overachiever and signed up for the mixed animal specialty. I figured out yesterday that I can watch them on my phone at work. We don’t have internet here so I can use the computers. No one brings their dog in before Christmas unless it is dying so I have some time to kill. Now I can get smart and learn more facts to drop in conversation.*

*Did you know that if you do acupuncture on a dog and then draw blood from it and transfuse that blood into a second dog, the second dog will experience the painkilling effects of acupuncture? Does that make you wonder what scientists are smoking when they come up with ideas for studies?