I found Ozzie dead this morning. It wasn’t a total shock since we suspect that he had been dealing with some serious liver issues for a few years. At the time that he started showing signs I expected him to die soon but he stayed the same.

Yesterday morning I trimmed his beak and he was his typical pissy self about it. Nothing was any different. He ate last night like normal. In fact I had to go to the kitchen in the middle of feeding him and he yelled at me because his food was taking too long.


This is a typical Ozzie pose. He was always flipping upside down.

I got him in my third year of vet school. He was 8 weeks old when I got him in November of 1995. Fifteen is elderly for lovebirds.

The SO says that we have to get a new bird because it is too quiet. Ozzie was in the center of the house and he “talked” to you all the time. Lovebirds don’t say words but he made lots of noise. I think he was fluent in English because there were times when I’d say something sarcastic and he’d laugh.

He outlasted three states, six houses, and one marriage. I told the SO that he’s moving up in seniority since Spirit, Snowball, and now Ozzie have died since we met. That’s the problem with having a bunch of old animals.