I had an adventure yesterday!  I’ve been wanting to go tubing on a river for years. I think of it every August and then we run out of weekends before Labor Day when the tubing places shut around here. I was determined to go this year. So when I realized that I had the day off Monday I decided to go.

I picked a place about an hour north of me. They advertise a 4-5 hour trip which seemed a bit long but I figured it would be fine. They told me that at the end there would be two bridges I go under and then the pickup point would be on the right a bit farther down.

It was happy times. I curled up on the tube and dozed in the sun and floated. Eventually I went under the bridges and decided to wake up so I didn’t miss the landing.

An hour later I was getting panicky. Did I miss it?  Was I floating off into oblivion?  I came up to a campground on the right. Their canoe landing had a sign that said “Last chance for food”.  Until when?  Now I was really worried about being lost. I was on the far side of the river. It was really shallow the whole way. In fact, I had a stick to keep pushing off the bottom when I got stuck in a shallow area. I decided to get off the tube and walk over there and ask. I slid off the tube…

…and dropped into what was probably the deepest place in the whole river! 

I went under but had a hold of the tube so I bounced right back up. I never did touch bottom. I managed not to lose my hat or glasses.  Then I had to swim while dragging the tube. That didn’t go well. It was just heavy enough to impede progress. I ended up only having to go a few feet before I could walk but it took a bit. Then I was mad. I walked to the campground office and dripped all over their floor and found out that the canoe landing was around two more bends.

I floated down there but ended up on the other side of the river again. I was going to have to get off again. Luckily this time the water was only knee deep. Next time I want to have a paddle so I can manuever!