Everything is starting to rebloom in my garden. It has been a really weird year here. I don’t remember all of the roses reblooming before but it is nice.


I planted three packets of sunflower seeds. I got one plant. But at least it is a plant with multiple flowers!


My tomatoes have gone insane. I didn’t use all the ones I froze last year so I only planted three plants this year instead of six. I also didn’t plant any cherry tomatoes since they were annoying last year.

This year the tomatoes I planted aren’t doing very well. But, I am overrun with volunteer plants. I’ve probably pulled up at least 50 plants. I was pulling up more today. They just keep appearing and crowding out the other stuff I’ve planted. They are producing lots of tomatoes too! Much better than the planted ones. I also am overrun yet again with cherry tomatoes from the volunteer plants.

Look at these.


These are from a volunteer plant in an area where tomatoes haven’t been planted in 4 years. There have been no volunteers in that bed since then until this year. Where did it come from?