I passed! I passed with a 93% too. No more skin of my teeth stuff.

So now I had a half a day to kill before my flight. I had the perfect plan too. I was going to go to The Holy Land Experience. It was going to be just as much fun as the trip to the Creation Museum. The SO and I saw it when we were here in March. Personally I think that a true Holy Land Experience would involve a lot of checkpoints and the occasional bombing but that doesn’t seem to be the case here. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the theme here.


Look at that! That’s one of the entrances. You won’t see that in Israel, I bet.


Another gate. Lions stomping on snakes.

It is closed on Sunday though. So sad. I”m going to have to get there eventually.

I’m killing time at the mall now. I ended up at Nordstrom Rack. I tried on a pair of fancy brand jeans and got my FOOT stuck in the CALF of the jeans. I had to sit down and yank my foot out of it. The pants were supposed to be my size and everything.

Then I tried shoes. The SO thinks I”m being mean when I say that I”m glad he’s short so I don’t buy heels. But he really is saving me from myself.


Look at these. I feel like Dorothy but if I tried to walk on a brick road I’d break an ankle. Sorry for my clashy socks.


These are Ivanka Trump brand. I tried to get a picture with them on but almost fell down. I could one put on one without hurting myself anyway. If she can walk in those for a whole day she deserves her millions.