I think there might be something to this whole nutrition thing after all. I’ve been paying attention to what I’ve been eating this summer. (Except for last week, that was bad, we won’t talk about it anymore.) I’ve been walking fairly regularly but I haven’t been running like I was last year. In fact until yesterday I hadn’t run a step this year.

Last night I was walking and decided to run to the turn around point. That was only about 200 yards away. I figured after 8 months off of running that might be an ambitious goal. I wasn’t very good at running when I was doing it a lot. So I jogged easy to the turn around. It was super easy. Way too easy.

Today I went out on the trails that I jogged on last year. I walked a bit to warm up and then decided to jog little bits at a time. I did that for a bit and then decided to walk out to the end of one trail and see if I could jog back since I was feeling good. It is about a half mile back. I’ve never been able to run that whole trail. There is a steep hill in the middle that kills me. I didn’t expect much.

I ran the whole way back including the hill and felt fine.

I could have easily kept going but decided not to press my luck. Eight months off and I run a slow half mile in better condition than when I was running? The only thing that has changed is what I’m eating.

Today I roasted. I roasted eggplants from the garden and sweet potatoes and a butternut squash. The squash was made into a soup for lunch tomorrow. The eggplants were pureed with salsa and mixed with black beans and cheese for dinner tonight. The sweet potatoes are finger food and Freckles liked her herbs mixed with them too. I’m going to mix them with some ground turkey to start getting some fresh food into her diet to see if it helps her allergies.

I also pureed and froze the first batch of garden tomatoes. The house smells great.