People with no sense of humor are annoying me. They are extra annoying me when they post their outrage on my Facebook newsfeed.

The latest one was about an ad for WalMart urgent care. Apparently it showed two guys looking at one’s skin rash. They look it up on the internet and decide it could be leprosy. One asks if the other one has been in The Congo lately. The guy looking at the rash backs off and washes off what has been touching the shirt.

Guess who is complaining about this according to the article?  People from the Congo who are offended that people think leprosy is endemic there and people with leprosy who are mad that it implies that it is highly contagious. I kid you not. To be totally logical, the lepers should start protesting the Congolese for implying the leprosy is undesirable.

Um, can I venture the opinion that the point if the ad was not to be like those morons shown who are diagnosing themselves with rare diseases?  The ad wants you to go to the doctor. As someone who dreads the words, “I looked it up on the internet..” in her doctor life for just this reason, I found it funny.

Yep, funny. I’m not afraid of offending anyone by that.  I’m Polish. I’m not offended by Polish jokes. Lighten up people! 

It reminded me of all the hoopla that started all over again about The Help once the movie came out.  It was all, “Why was this written by a white woman? How dare she? Why are their white women in it?”  My favorite comments were the ones by people who were so horribly offended by it that they decided to never, ever read the book or see the movie. People pointed out that then they really had no idea if it was offensive or not if they hadn’t seen it. They didn’t care though. They just kept screaming, “It’s racist!”  Don’t let facts get in the way of a good argument.

What else is out there that people are protesting for bizarre reasons?