What is #BookBlogWriMo?

Basically, it’s a lax version of NaNoWriMo for book bloggers. I created prompts for each day, discussing different topics around books, blogging, and books + blogging.


My Advice for New Bloggers

Do What You Want!

  • Don’t feel like you have to cater to different groups just to get people to like you.
  • Don’t read books that you don’t want to read just because you can get them for free.
  • Don’t go crazy the first time you get on NetGalley (It happens to all of us).
  • Don’t blog if it isn’t fun anymore.
  • Don’t obsess about numbers. Remember this is supposed to be fun.

What I do

  • I write about any topic I want to.  I don’t try to make the blog just one topic.  It is my space so I’m in charge.
  • I read whatever catches my eye.
  • I work with a few blog tour companies and reject 99% of what they offer.  I may read 1 to 2 books for them a month at the most.  Everything else is from the library or my own books.
  • Get involved in the communities not to drive traffic but to learn about books from other people