Gong to vet conferences makes my mind melt. It also makes me absolutely amazed that I went to class around 6 hours a day every day for the majority of my life. I did 26.25 hours of class in 5 days and by the end I was taking an hour off here and there in the middle of the day because my brain was full and no longer willing to pay attention.

In this mind-melted state I approached the airport check in last night. The man standing there asked me where I was going. I totally blanked. Just stood there with my mouth open as my mind frantically searched for where I lived. I couldn’t even come up with the state. I finally said the city and the guy supplied the state.

I started off dragging my overloaded suitcase and the guy said that of course it was that heavy because it was full of Gator shirts. My poor brain thought he was promoting Florida tourism but in a second I realized he was talking football. For some reason that woke me up. (For those of you with no interest in college football, please hold. I’ll hum some Muzak for you…..) I told him that I had actually been rooting for Florida in the national championship game because I am a graduate of an SEC school. I said that prior to the game I didn’t know who I was going to root for because I don’t like Florida but after the first personal fouls against Florida I was all for them. He regaled me with stories about how a certain player was supposed to go to Florida but didn’t have the grade for the SEC so he ended up playing against them. There was a bonding moment over football.

I finally got home last night and shut off the lights. How did an environmental wacko like me end up married to a man who leaves for a business trip without turning off the lights and TV? There are dishes overflowing the sink. The entry floor is coated in mud. I went cautiously to the bedroom. He had covered the bed in plastic to minimize damage from Riley’s anger over being left. Lately that has shown itself as the use of the bed as a litterbox when we go out of town. This time there was none of that but anger still has to be shown. He took a roll of toilet paper and shredded it all over the bedroom and bathroom. I can deal with that. I stripped the plastic off the bed and fell asleep. I woke up twice to find Riley standing over me and staring into my face. I assured him that I was staying and he went to sleep.