Last Wednesday I woke up and found that I had inexplicably injured my neck in the night. I’m not sure how something like that happens. But until Saturday I couldn’t turn my head much at all. On Saturday I got my side to side movement back. I couldn’t get into my massage person until today. I was looking forward to this appointment with glee.

My poor massage therapist. I think I stress her to no end. I have a tendancy to go waltzing in and say, “I’m having a bit of a pain..” and then I say where. She says ok and then she lays her hands on me. She reacts like this.

“Oh…….oh……..oh!” Each “Oh” is at a lower pitch and carries exponentially more concern. Apparently when I hurt myself I do a good job.

But I feel much better. I have a chiropractic appointment tomorrow morning and then I will be as good as new. Just in time to fly to Florida. Planes always mess up my neck. Maybe I should schedule my appointments now just in case.