I leave tomorrow morning (on a 6 AM flight – ugh!) for Florida. It is a working vacation since I’m going to a conference. I’m also meeting up with the 2 receptionists I work with you have the tendancy to make me insane. Remember the ones who decided I was unfit to be a parent? Yep, those ones. We are travelling separately and staying in different places to maintain my sanity. But it should be funny. They have no idea what they are heading into. A big conference with lots of people from all over the world will blow their minds. One of them hasn’t spent a night away from her children in well over 20 years. It should be amusing.

I am going to start reading Diane Sylvan’s The Circle Within on the plane tomorrow. The only reason I haven’t started to read it yet is that I ordered it from Amazon so it came two days ago and did not take it out of the packaging. I have other books packed too and some DVDs for in the room. I have my short sleeved shirts and directions to some veggie-friendly restaurants that sound good. I’m ready for vacation!

I don’t know if I’ll be able to get online or not. If not I’ll be back next Thursday.