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I fixed by disk useage problem without having to delete any of the archives. I started looking at all the technical stuff on the server and found out that the majority of my disk space was being taken up by temporary files. Most of them were summaries of visitors to the site. After reassurances from the husband and a couple deep breaths I deleted them from the server. I went from 90% full to 45%. So now I lots of room for more stuff!

Before I figured that out I was looking at webcopiers. You can use these free programs to download a copy of your website and put it on a CD. Then you can look at it just like you were looking at it online. It would be a good way to make a copy to have for yourself if you ever were looking to delete a blog.

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  • Shelina

    Can you tell me what you found out about these webcopiers? It sounds like something I would like. I did have one site where I copied a blog, but they only copy 100 posts, so I am missing the older ones, and it didn’t look like my site because it didn’t have the background, or comments, etc.

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