We had a quilting day today and I finished the quilt for the wedding this weekend. I was going to post another picture of it but I realized that there isn’t much difference that you can see on the new picture. I also started a fall wall hanging based on a quilt I saw on Simply Quilts. I’m not sure I’m liking it so far but I’ll keep going to see how it turns out.

One of the people I sew with is very Christian. I’m not saying that’s bad necessarily but she’s one of the “no Harry Potter” type Christians. She was discussing a quilt kit she bought last year that was a fall design. I guess it had pins that you put in the center of the finished blocks. There were witch pins in her kit so she took them back and exchanged them for pumpkins because she “didn’t want to have any witches”. She stated that as if it was self-evident. I just sort of smiled to myself and wondered how she would react if she knew that she was spending lots of time with a evil Pagan. If she couldn’t have witch pins in her house I wonder how she’d feel about having real one hanging out in her house?