I have been a total blog slacker lately. Sorry. Let’s see. Where did we leave off?

Saturday I had an experience that gave me a bit of hope for the future of the planet. I coach a group of kids getting ready for a horse competition sort of like Jeopardy. In the middle of practice one girl got up and threw away her pop can. I thought I was going to have to get her bodyguards. The rest of the group got all over about, “You can’t just throw that away. There’s a recycling place in the hall, etc.” I was so proud.

On Sunday I went on a road trip with the husband. That is a potentially scary thing. He’s been known to get bored on road trips and pick fights. But he was so grateful that I agreed to come with him that he was being good. He had to go GPS the roads in a county in the southern-most part of the state. So we drove 2 hours down. Then we set up the GPS machine. This is a commerical machine not something little that regular people have. It is a lot more accurate so a lot more complex. We needed to put a receiver on a pole out the sunroof ( it was only 30 degrees) and then drive around. I was in charge of driving around at this point. I had to keep an equal distance from the center line when driving. These were curvy roads in the foothills of the Appalachans. I’m a “straightenin’ the curves, flattenin’ the hills” kind of girl just like the Dukes of Hazzard. But I learned to never cross the yellow line around these curves. Annoyed a bunch of people driving behind me because you have to slow down to be able to do that.

As we were driving around I started seeing lots of paintings of quilt blocks on barns. I wasn’t sure why this was but anything combining barns and quilts had to be good, right? So I found the answer today. Adams County Attractions The answer is basically – because they could. No real reason other than getting tourists to drive around. I recognize over 90% of the attractions on that website because I drove almost every mile of that county while staying on the right side of the yellow line. My favorite is the Bentonville Anti-Horse Thief Society Historical Marker.

Other than that I just been home. My dear cat Groucho has decided to try to kill me while doing yoga. He was watching me do a strength routine. He decided that anytime I was balancing on one arm it would be fun to repeatedly headbutt my arm to see if I would fall. The answer was usually yes because I was shaky anyway.

I got to meet a neighbor yesterday because I got a flat tire in front of her house. I told her where I lived and she replied, “You’re the vet, right?” So I had to look at her dog. He was hit by a car the day before and partially severed his tail. Silly me I think he should go to a vet and get it fixed. But what do I know? He’s a farm dog. Either he’ll get better or he won’t. Survival of the fittest in the country.

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  1. LOL! “my dear cat Groucho has decided to try to kill me while doing yoga”
    That cracks me up!!! I hate when those felines get all riled up and decide to attempt murder in new and different ways! I’ve got three…I know!

  2. So your cat was doing yoga, huh? I’ll have to tell Misty and Callie tghat all those impossible body twists and balances they get into are called yoga–I’m sure it will make a difference to them.

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