I ended up taking Z to Animal Kingdom because the husband got sick. They also needed a break from each other. She ended up being the best that I’ve never seen her. She was calm and focused and self aware. It was actually really weird.

It always amazes me how few animals you actually get to see at Animal Kingdom. I guess it shouldn’t. Most people are there for the rides. When you actually go to animal areas, there aren’t many people around.

During this visit most of the trails where you can walk and see animals were closed. The only major animal viewing places were this safari ride and the petting zoo.

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  1. We took our sons to Animal Kingdom when it first opened, and we all loved it – the boys were BIG animal lovers. We went on the safari ride but also enjoyed just watching the tigers play – we probably stayed in that one spot just watching them for over 30 minutes! (that’s a lifetime for a toddler and preschooler!)

    Looks like you had a fun day –


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  2. Giraffes are favorites of mine too. Though we don’t get a chance to see them often. The nearest zoo or refuge or anything is a 6 hour drive from home. We do have white tail deer and antelope that wander through our neighborhood. Lots of birds, an occasional snake, but no giraffes, elephants or hippos. Oh My!

  3. Cool that Z and the Animal Kingdom were a comfortable fit. I find it an oddly peaceful place for a Disney thing.

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