Happy Anniversary to me! Today is my 8th wedding anniversary. I had a fun day.

First I went letterboxing again. I found a box and a geocache in a park dedicated to astronauts in the town I used to live in. Why is there a park dedicated to astronauts? I have no clue. Why had I never heard of it until today? See the things you learn when you start new hobbies?

Then I went and drove around used car lots. I didn’t see anything that made me want to get out and look. I don’t know what I want for sure since I can’t afford a hybrid. I think I want something that is unusual but I don’t know enough about cars to know what that is. I’ll have to do some more research.

Then I went to a mall and actually bought some clothes. I met the husband for dinner at a fondue restaurant. They sat us in the farthest corner because he said it was our anniversary. I think we were supposed to be making out in the corner but we’ve been married awhile. I tried to make him hold my hand while we were walking since it is our anniversary but he claims that he’s too uncoordinated to do it and it makes him feel like he’s in middle school. Be still my heart. I’m about to be swept off my feet by such romantic talk any minute.

Now he’s downstairs on the treadmill and I’m online. Yeah, we’re a wild pair.