I like those Angel trees at the mall where you can pick a name of a kid to buy gifts for. I like to pick the older kids. The kid I picked today said that she was 13 and wanted a size 36A bra. Now, if you are that size you only need a bra to keep the other girls from laughing at you in gym class. 

I vaguely remember training bras. They were little and always had a bow in the center that I hated because I wasn’t a girly girl. Times have changed. All the stores I went to only carried A cups with super mega push-up capability. I’ve seen football equipment with less padding. I believe they are meant to send one of two messages:

1.  Your body is inadequate

2.  Have you considered whoring?

I finally found some with less padding but they all had lipstick kiss prints on them. Some said, “I like boys!” all over them. Is it so wrong to want one that says, “Hands off until I finish my education”?

I finally found a pullover, no wire, unpadded pink and white striped bra. It was at Sears in case you are looking also. I added a nice top and a pair of simple sneakers.

I feel like this is a visit from the Ghost of Christmas Future. Unless Z is some kind of genetic throwback, she is destined for the A forever.  If she suddenly shows up in a few years sporting enough padding to stop a bullet, her father is going to ballistic.