Welcome to April 2019 Foodies Read!

We welcome your reviews of any books about food.  What are books about food?

  • Cozy mysteries set in bakeries on space stations
  • Romance between a chef and the reviewer who hates her food
  • The latest diet craze handbook
  • Memoirs of home brewers
  • Nonfiction about farming
  • Thrillers where the world’s food supply is in peril
  • ….or anything else where food is a major part of the plot

Every entry is entered into a monthly drawing to win a gift card.  Once you win a prize you are not eligible to win for 6 months.

We had 28 links in March.  That is amazing!  The winner of the drawing for a gift card is Tari for her review of A Pinch of Murder.


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6 Replies to “April 2019 Foodies Read”

  1. Thank you so much Heather, what a cool surprise I got today with the gift card. I know I can’t win again for 6 months but I’ll keep linking. I may even owe some links from March yet–I thought I was following the blog by email and my WP app, gotta make sure cause I’m not seeing updates. Thanks so much again! Off to book shop! 😉

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